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Welcome to my portfolio

I am a friendly and enthusiastic Front End Developer currently based in the United Kingdom in Cambridgeshire. Below, you will find out a bit more about me, my skills, what I did and what I currently do. If you have any questions, please get in touch :)

UPDATE 18/05/2020

Currently looking for 100% remote permanent/contract job as a React/Javascript developer

The Professional

I consider myself as a hybrid front-end development scene. My years of experience as an Interactive and UI developer gave me a strong edge when it comes to thinking in term of modular and component-based development but also a strong appreciation of design. I strive for elegance, scalability and maintainability, in architecture, code and visuals.

Object Oriented

My years of experience using OOP ActionScript have naturally contributed to a smooth transition to TypeScript and class-based development in general

Modular development

My experiences in the gaming industry, as a UI developer, taught me the value of modular development when it comes to scalability and maintainability.

Design & animations

Front end is not just about code, it is about elegant layouts, impressive visuals, sleek UI and smooth animations, and I have plenty of experience in that area.

Leadership & mentoring

I am a good teacher for myself, hence I am comfortable teaching what I have mastered. I am also happy to lead a team for the sake of efficiency if necessary.


My main skills, in such a fast moving digital industry, are my eagerness and capacity to learn quickly the essential front end technologies that are paving the way for the digital world of tomorrow.


I have an extensive knowledge of HTML5, its semantics aspects and best accessibility practises.


I am very comfortable with CSS3, CSS Pre-Processors like SASS and LESS, BEM and other current best practises.

Responsive Design

I have an extensive experience of responsive design, its constraints and inherent limitations.

Productivity Tools

NodeJS, NP, Yarn, Gulp, Grunt, IntelliJ, Visual studio code, IntelliJ, Webpack, Chrome dev tools

HTML Frameworks

I am comfortable using most HTML frameworks as necessary.

JavaScript & Libraries

I am very comfortable with plain vanilla JavaScript, and its latest iteration ES6. I use most JS libraries as required

Javascript Frameworks

Being comfortable with plain Javascript, I use and adapt easily to most of the latest Javascript frameworks

The Person

"The only way to do great work is to do what you love"
- Steve Jobs -


No project can be successful without clear communication, when required, between the stakeholders or team members involved.


"For every tree is known by his own fruit" they say, but I am known to my friends and colleagues as a friendly creature :)


I am calm and patient but the fire is never far away, I always have something to get excited about, enthusiasm is my fuel.

In love with technology

I was playing video games in the cradle. I love technology and follow closely the latest trends on the front-end development scene.

Eager Learner

I am entirely self-taught to a professional level. I am a quick and eager learner, a good teacher for myself and also for others.


If I work hard and often go the extra mile, it's because I love what I do, and get a lot of satisfaction from a job well done.


If you need some front end development work done,
please don't hesitate to contact me for a quote.


  • Frederic's professionalism makes working with him a pleasure. He is both reliable and capable. Wherever we've encountered a technical limitation, Frederic has found a way around it. I have worked with him on many projects and each time have found him willing to go beyond the call of duty.
    Chris Gartside
    Product Manager at MyLotto24 Ltd
  • I had been struggling for months on a project for a major shipping company. Through his brilliant knowledge, Frederic helped me by solving major issues, enabling me to complete the project on time. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.
    Veronica Volz
    Multimedia Producer at Vervo Creative
  • Fantastic to work with. I would love to have him back in the team.
    Rahul Tangri
    Chief Technical Officer, Accipio Ltd
  • Mazda is indebted to you for your expertise, devotion, passion, professionalism, and accessibility. We are eager to continue working with you and benefiting from all that you have to offer as you are always at the top of your game — constantly learning the latest technologies and developing new skills to assist your clients. Thank you for bringing to life Mazda's concepts in such a compelling fashion.
    John Schussler, Senior Engineer – Electronics & Technology
    Mazda North American Operations R&D

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